Argentine artist –

Born in Argentina, Alaniz lives and works in Berlin (Germany).

The artist uses a roller to paint expressive portraits with instinct and power. His inspiration generally comes upon first discovering the support and the site. “If you want to paint in the street, you have to know the street and know who you are talking to. I’d like to think that my work is defined by the context.

This philosophy can be defined as follows: when you are in a large overcrowded space, you literally have to shout in somebody’s ear in order to make yourself heard. In a small room, however, there is no need to shout. You can speak more softly and generally be a nicer person, can’t you?” 

Created on September 22, 2018
7 Rue Adolphe Thiers, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
Hunted by Amziane ABID.
Pictures by David Saint Georges Guillaume EUCHIN.

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