Plaza de la Esperanza dedicated to Miguel Angel Chamorro

Plaza de la Esperanza in honor of Miguel Angel Chamorro, founder of the Association 'Fantasia en Lagunillas' dedicated to help children develop their artistic skills while supporting them with their school obligations and homework.
Involved in the social and cultural development of Lagunillas, Chamorro promoted the creation of this association, which began its activity in 2000 and whose efforts have focused on turning this neighborhood into a place of encounter, teaching and learning through art. The  Association also organizes sports and cultural activities to favor the integration of the most disadvantaged people in this central area of Malaga. 
Chamorro has also collaborated in initiatives promoted by different social organizations in the capital, such as the project 'Málaga más bella', focused on putting value on the most degraded areas of the city, such as walls and public spaces in disuse, through drawings and graffiti murals and the placement of pots and planters.
Miguel Angel Chamorro passed away the 20th of October of 2017. With all respect, we pay homage to him in the city of Malaga.
Created on September 4, 2015
Calle Lagunillas, 58, 29012 Málaga, Spain

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