Ceepil & K.Shit

Tizarte 2018.
During the 1st weeks of september several artists are invited to the 2nd edition of Tizarte 3D Street Art Festival, this year the Part of Antwerp organisation asked Street Art Antwerp to help them.
Together with Treepack they will organise this years edition.

Cee Pil creates quality works at super speed, which makes it a pleasure to see him live at work. In the former years he gained experience in traditional arts and painting, and put that to use by creating hyper realistic portraits of animals and humans. To give it his own touch, he now combines multiple images into skillfully produced unique optical illusions. A truly astonishing result.

K.shit is a Belgian hero if it comes to stencils, prints, painters tape, fine brushwork and graffiti. The pieces he brings forth are full of interesting patterns, often with a touch of humor, recognizable detail and skill. His approach to outdoor work is always surprising, creating colorful works on any location he has on hand. His work is only visible on the streets, mostly in public places throughout Belgian cities, even though he prefers to work in remote and hidden locations.
Recently he's been teaming up with Cee Pil to conquer walls and facades throughout the whole country!

You can find more info about the artist and festival here
Created on August 28, 2018Removed
Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Hunted by Tim Marschang.
Pictures by Manuela Geypen.

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FestivalTizarte 2018
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