Ad Mysterium

Portuguese artist.
Intervention for urban art festival ArtAeroRap
"This painting depicts sadness and a sparkle of wonder. It is about how sadness and suffering can lead you to a boiling point where you start to ask questions about the mysteries of life. 
  • "Who am I?" 
  • "What is life?" 
  • "Why do I feel separate to the universe, to the world?"
  •  "Why do I feel that there is me, and separate to me, everything else?"
  •  "Why is there suffering and anger?"
  •  "Why do people harm each other?"
These questions are not just questions. They are doors to the discovery of ourselves, to the discovery of that which gives life to everything. Which is in us humans, in animals, in plants, in the universe. It has been called many things, consciousness, tao, god, alah.

But every time it has been misunderstood, because it cannot be conveyed, defined, described. It can only be experienced. 

There is a saying. "The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon." And religious books are just fingers. The words spoken by the prophets of this world are just fingers pointing. They are not the truth. They are pointing to the truth. And we have to be careful, because their words have been changed and manipulated by people who misunderstood them."
Created on August 13, 2018
Calle la Vega, 20, 24750 La Bañeza, León, España
Hunted by Tinka Pomareta.
Pictures by @instatnk.

Marker details

Camera usedSony ILCE-7M2
Date created2018-08-13T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityLa Baneza