Mandurah War Memorial

  • Is a touching ceremonial place service as not only an iconic symbol but also a place of reflection and rest.  To emanate the lapping of the tide at the beaches of Anzac Cove the designer has place water flowing through the memorial and into the estuary.  There are numerus white pillars rising from the water, these symbolise the journey of the soldiers (both physical and emotional) who courageously stormed the beaches and rose from the trenches to face the enemy.   The LGA has also embraced nature to enhance this art / memorial by surrounding the site with New Zealand Christmas Trees, the red blossoms a powerful reminder of the sacrifice of war, along with rows of Rosemary, which are known to grow wild in Gallipoli

Created on March 3, 2024
Mandurah War Memorial, 11 Leighton Pl, Halls Head WA 6210, Australia
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