I still remember how it was before

Forgotten Project was born in 2015 to enhance Rome’s contemporary architecture through urban art. This year the Forgotten Project focuses on United Kingdom bringing British artists to the open-air museum of Rome.

The second edition again will focus on buildings to be converted and invites UK artists Dan Kitchener, Lucy McLauchlan, My Dog Sighs and Phlegm to create murals in Rome. Potsmouth based My Dog Sighs created this gem in the Trastevere district

The artwork, titled “I still remember how it was before”, is strongly linked to its location. After researching the building from several points of view (architectural, anthropological and social) and studying the transformations it has had over time, My Dog Sighs painted 540 of his iconic eyes, in which there is the reflection of the wall itself and of Rome’s skyline.
Portsmouth based My Dog Sighs did an open call in order to collect photos of local people who had a story connected with the hospital, of whom he draw the silhouettes into the reflections in the eyes.
“Every eye tells the story of the community and of the place that has taken care of each of them. Forgotten Project is an interesting project and to paint the wall I had to understand both the location and the local community first”: explains the artists.

Created on March 15, 2018Removed
Via Roma Libera, 76, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
Hunted by Alberto Crocco.

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Camera usedHuawei EVA-L09
Date created2018-03-15T23:00:00.000Z
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