Remember your first party

Born in Tangier, Morocco, Mohamed L’Ghacham is a painter and muralist from Mataró, Barcelona. Mohamed was always interested in the plastic arts. He discovered the world of graffiti during his school days and years later he became attracted by the most classic painters and the language they use. His work is mainly figurative with a realistic character with Impressionist touches. He creates scenes from everyday life around him, combined with the visual imagery of late 20th century photography. He currently bases his works on a mixture of painting and classical techniques with the most contemporary muralism.

His inpsiration is the idea that during the Rock Werchter festival this place will be filled with people partying. He thought it was fun to remind them what their first parties looked like. How with two balloons, four plastic plates and a paper crown they could get then the same feeling that is achieved in a festival with a logistics of this magnitude.

Created on March 3, 2018Removed
Haachtsesteenweg 25, 3118 Rotselaar, Belgium
Hunted by Tim Marschang.
Pictures by Studio Arne Quinze, Studio Arne Quinze - 2016, Studio Arne Quinze - 2015, Studio Arne Quinze - 2014.

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