This little parc in the centre of Antwerp got a total make-over in summer 2013. 
This parc was supposed to make room for a real estate project but locals decided otherwise. 
The city invested heavily in new trees, lighting, playgrounds, etc. The finishing touch came with the old building that was abandonded. All tags were removed and all the window/door openings were timbered shut. 
These were the perfect canvas for the duo Dzia & Gijs Vanhee to put their colorful insects and fish on it. The stylish creatures look very vivid under the playfull arches of the historic building. 
Especially during summer it's fun to see kids playing around the building on their imaginary voyages with the creepy crawlers.

With the renovation of the building in 2018, the pannels got removed and got another destination
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Mechelsesteenweg 214, 2018 Antwerpen, België

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