Heroes of Cleyn Antwerpen

In this part of the city, called Klein Antwerpen (translated as Small Antwerp) you can find an alley between a busy road and Sint-Vincentius hospital. Rumor has it this alley, it doesn't even have a name, was used to get rid of the bodies unnoticed  of the casualties of a the "cholera epidemic" in 1848. In this hidden alley the talented graffiti artist Gun-T made some famous residents of this hood immortal: Wannes Van De velde a singer/song writer, painter Frans van Kuyck and wrestler Alfons Steurs  can be admired in full glory.
Accesible through  Maurice Verbaetsteeg.

Created on June 30, 2011
Sint-Jozefstraat 48 2018 Antwerp, België
Hunted by Tim.

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Camera usedSony DSC-HX100V
Date created2011-06-30T23:00:00.000Z
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