Port of Antwerp

Spring 2015 the construction of the largest dock in the world was completed.To give this prestigious project of the port of Antwerp some 'street credibility' , the Belgian artist CaZn was invited to paint a giant mural. For 10 weeks CaZn put his design on the north wall of the dock so that it is always visible from the visitor center. He incorporated several water elements such as various sea creatures , but also some mythological figures like Neptune, the Kraken and a mermaid. But you can also find the port in this monumental work of 320 meters long and 9 meters high. Depending on the water level this artwork will be (partially) visible.
When you visit the ghosttown Doel, be sure to take a pitstop here, it's worth it!

(march 2015)
Created on June 4, 2022
Oostlangeweg, 9130 Beveren, Belgium