This great piece by Italian streetartist Agostino Iacurci called "Intruder" can be found in Nürnber's western district Gostenhof. It's on a private wall above a balcony and was painted in 2013. It can best be seen from the backside of the complex on Preißlerstraße. According to Agostino, he created it for a private friend who lives in the apartment in Nürnberg. As it can be seen but can't be reached from public space it seems pretty safe up there and will surely last for quite a while. If your're around, just walk on to MUZ Club (Musikzentrale) on Fürtherstraße 63. It's just around the corner and offers Nürnberg's largest Mural, created by 16 streetartists, both local and from around the world.
Created on January 21, 2018
Glockendonstraße 12, 90429 Nürnberg, Deutschland

Hunted by Len Len. Pictures by Len.