This project pays homage to four wonderful female scientists, Hypatia, Cecilia Payne, Rosalind Franklin, Laura Bassi and was promoted by:
Roma Capitale - Department of Culture

Laura Bassi (bottom figure) first academic and physicist in Italian history, graduated from the University of Bologna in the 1700s and was the first teacher and researcher in our history.

Next we find Rosalind Franklin, an exceptional scientist, who discovered, in her short life, the structure of DNA. Unfortunately this woman was robbed of her discovery by her male colleagues.

• Going further Cecilia Payne, a great astronomer, who made incredible discoveries in the early 1900s, including understanding the structure of the galaxy.

At the top of the pyramid we find her, the philosopher Hypatia, for me an emblem of love for knowledge and for life.
Hypatia was a philosopher, scientist, and mathematician scholar at the turn of the third and fourth centuries AD

She experienced a historical moment of immense changes, born in a free, pagan, cultured Alexandria of Egypt, she studied philosophy, astronomy and mathematics.

All these women represented hold their science, their passion, their life, their reasons to their chests, they hold them to their chests so as not to have them torn off.
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