As this specific area of Fort Lauderdale is going through a period of development & change, we wanted to create a piece that speaks on understanding identity and empowering that which is truly you in the face of transition. Birds of paradise are symbolic of identity, and in this space their image is skewed with a technological glitch, showing the way that rapid advancements can create a confusion in understanding something’s true nature. The subject stands tall and proud, looking down at all that surrounds her from a position of observation. The currents about her swirl intensely, but it does not disturb her peace. In total, we hope that viewers, and especially those who call this area home, feel empowered to be embrace change while remaining true to themselves in the face of adversity. Our world is forever in motion, but stillness, our identity, & our power are always available within ourselves. This mural was completed for AOTA Visual Arts Festival. 
Created on February 14, 2023
520 NW 7th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, Verenigde Staten

Hunted by Tim. Pictures by provided by the artist.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork
CityFort Lauderdale
CountryUnited States