Created on March 18, 2020
San Vicente de Paul Kalea, 19, 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba, España


We paint our ecofeminism walls together with Irantzu Lekue and ARTgia

SETEM Euskadi

Did you know that our Vitoria-Gasteiz headquarters has changed its appearance? If you still did not know, come closer and you will see that our walls are now talking… And it is because thanks to the Gasteiz artist Irantzu Lekue and the ARTgia team we have collectively painted a mural that has been left in sight of the Casco Viejo neighborhood of the capital of Alava.

This mural reflects the contents treated during the last year in a learning process around ecofeminism with Pandora Mirabilia. The objective has been to venture into ecofeminist thought and practice, and to learn about different experiences and areas where ecofeminism has developed.

To do this, we have explored the history, evolution, waves and currents of ecofeminism, learning about the multiple ecofeminist discourses and practices from different parts of the world. It has been an exercise that has allowed us to see the enormous diversity of a movement that tries to respond to social and environmental crises in relation to issues that affect the body and life of women.

It seemed important to us to share and disseminate all the keys and learning about ecofeminism, and that is why we made the mural in the heart of the Old Town of Vitoria-Gasteiz. We hope that it inspires and brings visibility to eco-feminist proposals!

Irantzu Lekue—EcofeminismIrantzu Lekue—EcofeminismIrantzu Lekue—EcofeminismIrantzu Lekue—Ecofeminism

Hunted by Inaki Landa.