Created on March 27, 2018
Kražių g. 9, Vilnius 01108, Lithuania

Lukiškės Prison

This mural was made by Tank Petrol in 2014th during Vilnius Street Art Festival. This mural has a lot of details showing freedom. It's not a coincidence, because the artwork was made on the brick fence of Lukiškės Prison.

The elastic composition of the woman and the eagle decorated the massive protective fencing of the Lukiškės Prison from the free world. The place is also not coincidental - just 100 years ago, the Tsar of Russia built Lukiškės Prison on the outskirts of Vilnius, but nowadays this is one of few prisons that operate in the city centers of democratic cities.
Tank Petrol—Lukiškės PrisonTank Petrol—Lukiškės PrisonTank Petrol—Lukiškės Prison

Hunted by Solutin . Pictures by Vytautas Narkevičius.