Created on March 27, 2018
Konstitucijos pr. 23, Vilnius, Lithuania


This mural at  the intersection of Konstitucijos pr. and Linkmenu str. was done by combining street art with digital art. Artist Adomas Žudys is currently experimenting with 3D scanning technology, which scans various objects, such as posing people, to transfer their 3D view to a computer program. Playing with the textures and naturally occurring lines scanned during the scanning, he want to get the volume effect in the two-dimensional space on the walls or canvas. This mural was done in 2015th.
Adomas Žudys (LT)—Self-portraitAdomas Žudys (LT)—Self-portrait

Hunted by Solutin . Pictures by Vytautas Narkevičius.