Created on August 31, 2017
Place du Martyr 52, 4800 Verviers, België

'Dire Nous' (2017)

On a facade, slightly hidden behind the church on the corner with the "Enclos des Recollets", you can see this fresco, which is also the result of the project "Dire Nous" of the Maison des Jeunes des Récollets. You will therefore meet the same artists several times along this route.
This mural shows us the animals from our regions. The artists each did a part and used their own technique such as paint brush and aerosol.
The youth center is located at the end of the street, a few steps from here. For more than 30 years, it has been organizing artistic activities for young people between 12 and 26 years old and stimulates creativity and citizenship.
Polina Stoyanova, Natasa Konjevic, José Carvalho, Julien Demelenne—'Dire Nous' (2017)

Hunted by Jan Rymenams. Pictures by Jan Rymenams.