Created on March 10, 2018
Av. de Jesús Morante Borrás, 191, 46013 València, Valencia, Spanje

Hyuro, Hyuro (Arg)

Recuperem La Punta, aturem la ZAL¨

La Punta is a neighborhood located in the south of Valencia city, known for its historic and traditional orchards. Despite being recognized as a "non-developable area of special protection", it has been victim of repeated abuses by administrations. Its natural environment and social fabric have been badly damaged by the unstoppable advance of the port were neighbors were expelled for an alleged expansion that never arrived.  The "Logistics Activities Zone" project (ZAL) it implied going over their protection, expelling a hundred families from their homes, judicially and physically harassed, an assault that included an accelerated and unjustified expulsion of residents, the destruction of barracks, farmhouses, ditches, cultivated plots and the conversion of the entire area into a shameful solar that remains unused after 14 years.
The resistance of the neighbors did not serve to stop the destruction of 70 ha of productive orchard, but to paralyze the ZAL. Three judgments of the Superior Court of Justice annulled the project.
Recently, however, the procedures have been put in place to reactivate the ZAL Plan.
The action of throwing tomatoes universally means rejection, this wall speaks about rejection to all these unbridled urban projects, predators, driven by their own interests without taking into account the life and rights of the people.
Special thanks to Escif who collaborated with this project and put together this great line up of artists, was an honoured for me to be part of them. Thanks to all the people that organized, manage, help and accompany us throughout these days. Thanks to all the neighbors for the love and strength, this strugles are the ones that keep us together. 
Hyuro, Hyuro (Arg)—Recuperem La Punta, aturem la ZAL¨ Hyuro, Hyuro (Arg)—Recuperem La Punta, aturem la ZAL¨

Hunted by Coleccionista de Street Art Valencia.