Created on June 9, 2021
Mariaplaats 24, 3511 LL Utrecht, Nederland

Maria church

This enormus mural brings the lost Maria Church back into the streets of Utrecht city center. The church was heavily shelled and was demolished for a long period until 1844. This mural is on the exact same location where the church previously stood.

The old Dutch painter Pieter Saenredam made a sketch of the church in 1636. This was a preliminary study for a larger painting of the church interior. The paper is only 10 by 10 centimeters in size! De Strakke Hand used this tiny paper for this huge wallpainting. They added a contemporary student of the conservatory nearby, a wink to today.
De Strakke Hand—Maria churchDe Strakke Hand—Maria churchDe Strakke Hand—Maria churchDe Strakke Hand—Maria church
Hunted by Benita Ponsioen.
Pictures by Marielle Freeman.

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