Created on November 13, 2022
28 Avenue de Lyon, 31500 Toulouse, France

Prends le temps

Produced by TILT and Malick Simple near the railway station in August 2015. Entitled “Prends le temps” (Take Time), this wall refers to a music extracted from the album "Mr Chill", paying tribute to its author Arthur Maillard, young rapper, aka DF Le Mr Chill (1987-2013). Various shades of blue and white give the illusion of paradise, sky and its clouds. Tilt does not consider himself a street artist, but rather a graffiti artist. A native of the pink city, he is now one of the most recognized graffiti artists in the world. He is constantly inspired by street and skateboarding.
More information: https://fr-fr.facebook.com/Graffitilt/ and http://malicksimple.com/

Tilt, Malick Simple—Prends le tempsTilt, Malick Simple—Prends le tempsTilt, Malick Simple—Prends le temps

Pictures by Hopem Story.