Created on May 24, 2023
Sweelincklaan 598, 5012 BJ Tilburg, Nederland
Joep van Gassel is an urban artist from Tilburg who creates art in public space. Besides floor paintings, wall paintings and objects, he designes graphics and illustrations. The artist also does workshops.
Joep is regularly involved in community art projects, where he organizes and teaches with passion for his profession. He feels like both a designer and a painter, qualities that come together in his work as an urban artist. His work is characterized by clear, powerful shapes, adapted to the environment in which they find themselves. 

The design of this beautiful heron wall is based on photos taken by students in the district. These pictures made it clear to the artist that the artwork had to include 'connection' and 'nature'. Seeing a heron in the area shortly afterwards, he knew what to paint on the wall.
Joep van Gassel—UntitledJoep van Gassel—UntitledJoep van Gassel—Untitled
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.

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