Created on April 12, 2024
Egnate Ninoshvili St, T'bilisi, Georgia

Face of the city

One of her standout projects, "Face of the City," features fifty limited-edition plaster sculptures positioned in public spaces around the globe. These sculptures reflect the complexities of urban life, embodying the cities as living entities that respond to various social and environmental pressures. Through this project, Milena seeks to convey the emotions and experiences of urban life, using street art as a powerful medium for social commentary and public engagement. Here, we imagine, if not at least observe, that the city is a living entity. An organism not unlike ourselves. How does it react to environmental degradation, overcrowding, lack of sleep, filth, and immorality? Sculptures are limited to 50 pieces , they are placed all around Europe: Florence, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Hamburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Lisbon, Moscow and St. Petersburg

KATASTROFFFE—Face of the city
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