Created on July 18, 2021
Utrechtselaan 90, 9501 PV Stadskanaal, Nederland

Privacy matters

The design shows a young woman who does
not want to be fully visible in the picture due to
privacy rules. She hides under a big hat and long
coat. But, does she remain anonymous, or is it
‘false security’.
The woman symbolizes ‘Mother Nature’. She
is holding a bouquet of peonies whose stalks
overflow into the cell phone’s charging cable.
This symbolizes humans who have lost their
‘connection’ with nature due to the many
technological developments.
The mobile has a bird sitting on it, again a
reference to the ‘forgotten’ nature and also
the symbol of an important social networking
site. Social media plays a more important role
than nature nowadays. People should start to
appreciate nature more and be less concerned
with the ‘screen culture’.
Gomad—Privacy mattersGomad—Privacy mattersGomad—Privacy matters

Hunted by Richard Lamain. Pictures by Ada Tolboom Paula Darwinkel.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork