Created on July 12, 2013
Bismarckstraße 143, 66121 Saarbrücken, Deutschland


The local artists Raks & Laune improved the facade of the Saarbrücken power plant, alongside the river Saar, back in 2013.
Both know each other for over 15 years and over the time they developed a strong friendship.
They started spraying graffiti in their early years and visited the same art college. Despite their strong connection both developed unique styles. Raks is known for his graphic style, often combined with lettering. Laune on the other hand has a strong figurative style with abstract and heavily emotional parts.
This mural is called "Liebespaar" (eng. Lovers) and displays both styles in a perfect combined way. The upper half of the wall is done by Lauen and the lower half is done by Raks. Like the lovers with their arms both styles are intertwined with each other and add up to a perfect composition. The "Liebespaar" is one of two additional works of other artists in this area.
Raks, Laune—LiebespaarRaks, Laune—LiebespaarRaks, Laune—Liebespaar

Hunted by Julien Brengel. Pictures by Julien Brengel.