Created on May 6, 2016
Via Cristoforo Numai, Roma, RM, Italia

The Roadkill

A wall of over 16 meters on an Ater building in Via Cristoforo Numai, painted on the occasion of the artist's personal exhibition at the Varsi gallery, in collaboration with the Muracci Nostri collective, already very active in the neighborhood. Titled "The Roadkill", the work depicts a little girl holding up a large deer head. As often happens in the artist's poetry, inspiration comes from his childhood memory. "I was very impressed - said Magee - from a story that my neighbors told me when I was 7. They told me they had hit a deer. I didn't know there were these animals in Australia. My mother explained to me that they had been introduced by the Europeans and they were a plague: they carried diseases and devoured the plants on which the kangaroos were fed. But despite everything - he concludes - I could not fail to feel sorry for such beautiful animals ".
Fintan Magee— The Roadkill
Hunted by Antinea Antinea.
Pictures by Antinea Cirelli .

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