Created on August 10, 2021
Ahornstraße 11, 47495 Rheinberg, Deutschland

Chapter II - interlude

"Chapter II - interlude" Ahornstr. 11, Rheinberg by Artez Artez from Belgrade with his assistant Kuba was created as part of the "Big A" festival this year # dasartlon2021

Here the wishes of the adults were visualized.

About this Artez:
Your explanations and thoughts were then processed and each of the participating artists got their key words: Here it was: relaxation, rest, having time for yourself. Sometimes the story surrounds me in these moments and I feel like I exist in a different place and time. I'm not sure which book my character (Natia) is reading, but based on the background, I'd guess it's something warm and exotic.

Lately I've been trying to shift the focus of my pictures slightly from the central subject to the background, or at least somewhere in between. Keeping the figure as a minor element in the composition and investing more energy / time in experimenting with the background gave me a sense of freedom that is often missing when painting with reference photos.

The recognizable style and maintaining the similar quality of the end result can open many doors, but it can easily become a trap. Becoming a slave to one's freedom can only be avoided if one is willing to experiment, change, and fail from time to time.

Right now it feels like I'm looking for something that hopefully I'll never find and I love it!

The return to Rheinberg has become something special for me over the years and I am forever grateful to my @ das_artlon family for always having me on their mind and inviting me to join in year after year (or two years after two years).

Coming together with such a great group of friends and meeting new, always interesting and inspiring people is definitely what I appreciate most of all the things that my calling as an artist entails! "

Artez—Chapter II - interludeArtez—Chapter II - interludeArtez—Chapter II - interlude

Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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