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Via Don Mattia Nobile, 3, 97100 Ragusa RG, Italia

Una donna Libera

“Una donna libera” (A free woman) pays tribute to Maria Ochipinti, a militant pacifist, anarchist, feminist, a woman who is recorded in Sicilian history as an emblem of Sicilian women’s protest in the mid-forties.
Maria Occhipinti’s life was not easy, her quest for freedom and struggle against all kinds of injustice forced her to be uprooted, to move like a nomad without a home. A life full of pain and loneliness, a woman who, by her way of thinking, was marginalized by her people, one of the reasons why she had to live her life in exile.
The journey was for her a way to affirm her own freedom, to revolt against bourgeois normality. Maria was a woman who always remained firm in her convictions, sacrificing her life for ideas that went beyond herself, it is her humanity that always prevails in all her actions.
This wall speaks of her passion, her freedom and greatness, but it also represents the incomprehension, abuse and marginalization she had to live with all her life. 
Hyuro—Una donna Libera
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