Created on January 2, 2019
2e Calle Noya y Hernandez, Humacao, 00791, Puerto Rico

Doña Patria

Doña Patria. Angurria flew in from the Dominican Republic to throw down his classic Dona Patria image on the BIG WALL at El Cem. Through rain and equipment issues he laid his biggest (and best?) lady and her classic boombox expressing her confidence and style. If not the top, one of the top two most impressive pieces in the project. Éxito manito! Angurria: @angurria

Artwork for @elegel2.0 

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Evaristo Angurria—Doña Patria Evaristo Angurria—Doña Patria Evaristo Angurria—Doña Patria
Hunted by Elegel Elegel.

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