Created on September 26, 2021
Via Lepanto Traversa Campo Sportivo, 4, 80045 Pompei NA, Italy

”Recall & Afresh”

”Civilization is a fragile thing, but life isn’t.
Inspired by The Ashes Dog and Lupa Capitolina.”

 All the people and things encountered during my stay in Italy are very unforgettable experiences. Although it is difficult to describe in words, the most profound experience is the high appreciation and participation of Europeans in art. Different audiences have different ways to experience, and some will follow what I said what I saw and felt in the work. Some people gave us pizza, Limoncello, Espresso, and recruited fans would come to see us every day. Even if they didn't speak English, they would try to talk to you in their language. Or just random people that would just pass by will also say Grazie (thank you) to the artists that were creating their artworks. This trip allowed me to see the value of art again. The artists provided a different perspective on the world. When different perspectives are mixed with, the explosion is a way for us to create culture. 

 Perhaps this land is not the source of street art culture, we habitually learn to imitate. But one day in the future, we will be able to seriously experience art and feel the artist's point of view, and not only regarding street art and murals as a source of social traffic. I believe we will create more meaningful and meaningful works.” – LeHo

LeHo is a contemporary artist born in Tainan, China. He currently resides in Taiwan. The word "LeHo" means "Hello" in Taiwanese; representing a vision of greeting all beings around the world by art. "A dream is how I describe my art, wishing it would cast light on even the most hopeless folks. Although throughout our world, frustration exists, I want to make people brighter when they see art." The subject matter of LeHo's mural works centers around animals being the carriers of information, depicting human emotions, stories and beliefs. These creatures enable their audience to read into the values and vibes through their various forms and brilliant colors. After years of searching, exploration, and participation in the realm of public art, LeHo's creature creations have become a unique symbol of vitality in the city. He has participated in the International Warriors Street Art Festival for three consecutive sessions, since 2017.
LeHo—”Recall & Afresh”LeHo—”Recall & Afresh”LeHo—”Recall & Afresh”
Hunted by Pompei Street Art Festival.
Pictures by Claudio Cascone - Pompei Street Festival 2021.

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