Created on October 22, 2022
Viale Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 8, 90123 Palermo PA, Italië
The mural depicts a figure with two faces, with its arms crossed in revolt. It means the freedom to express yourself as you are.
Everyone has this strength, and this universality is made through two faces that do not belong to anyone in particular, realized through a technique typical of artists, that is to distort the facial features of pre-existing photographs for nullifying the boundaries between genders and the distinction between male and female.
The structure of the bodies recalls the feminine, and at the same time denies it. Freely showing armpit hair doesn’t meet a commonly acceptable beauty standard. In the artists’ imagery, there is no clearer symbol of true beauty, which at the same time includes fragility and strength.
The image is in motion, a sudden passage between the faces representing change and the absence of barriers. All genders are so expressed, as in transition, and at the same time, this image in transition nullifies every gender.
The bodies are immersed in a lake of colors, which is at the same time a link with the neighborhood’s architecture, and a liquid that envelops and submerges the body, and therefore reinforces the idea of constant change, which never makes us the same as ourselves. same.
The play has no title.
It will be the way, to which he belongs now, to nominate him. 
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist, Provided by the artist.

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