Created on September 15, 2020
Colegio Público Germán Fernández Ramos, Calle Manuel Fernández Avello, Oviedo, Spain
The theme chosen for Harsa focused on traditional Asturian stories, and it was the writer and storyteller Milio del Nido, a key figure in this field, who helped us discover this magical world, sharing a very pleasant afternoon with us in a virtual meeting where we were able to discover at first-hand everything that lies behind these fables and listen live to some fragments of her stories.

We discover the power of oral culture, the way in which stories become universal by traveling by word of mouth through time and territory. Likewise, we analyze the particularities of Asturian stories, their morals and characters. The mural is based on the traditional Asturian story “El corderín muertu fríu” (the deathly-cold lamb). 

Hunted by Parees Fest Oviedo contextual mural festival. Pictures by Fer Alcalá.