Created on September 13, 2019
Calle Celestino Álvarez, Oviedo, Spain

Homenaje a Margarita Salas

Catalina is an artist from Villaviciosa. In her work the combination of strength and delicacy, the search for balance, and the importance of gesture are recurring themes.

“I chose Margarita because she is a woman I admire. Being able to get in touch with her, tell her about the idea of the mural, express my respect and share the process was a unique experience. She is a great scientist and worker who represents many values which I believe in.

She always stressed the importance of investing in science and education, of constant work and of following the passion for what one loves. The possibility of participating in Parees Fest and being able to capture such a career and achievement was a great opportunity.” 
Catalina Rodríguez Villazón—Homenaje a Margarita SalasCatalina Rodríguez Villazón—Homenaje a Margarita Salas

Hunted by Parees Fest Oviedo contextual mural festival. Pictures by Mirahaciaatras.