Created on October 1, 2018
Puente de la Ronda Sur, C. San Melchor García Sampedro, 42, 33008 Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Metamorphosis of the Xana

Alfalfa focuses his mural work around the idea of magical and mythological beings. It makes sense, therefore, that the theme proposed for this mural project revolves around Asturian mythology. To facilitate this, the Festival presented the artist with two books on Asturian Mythology.

In the Ronda Sur of Oviedo, Nicolas Alfalfa leaves us his incredible mural inspired by the Xana, fairy of Asturian mythology, half woman and half snake. The Xana, one of the best-known characters of Asturian and Leonese mythology, is typically shown next to a fountain or some other special place, waiting to charm a brave man on the first day of summer 
Alfalfa—Metamorphosis of the XanaAlfalfa—Metamorphosis of the Xana

Hunted by Parees Fest Oviedo contextual mural festival. Pictures by Titi Muñoz Mirahaciaatras.