Created on October 3, 2018
Calle Fuertes Acevedo, 110, Oviedo, Spain

Il Trionfo di Bacco (i Bevitori)

The work of this Italian artist is characterized by transferring to the public space the works of the great masters of art history with the aim of democratizing this heritage. The artist works with spray paint since he comes from the world of traditional graffiti and another of the objectives of the work is to destigmatize the use of sprays.

It is the first time that this renowned artist paints in Spain and he has done so with a piece inspired by ‘The triumph of Bacchus’, a work by the Spanish artist Velázquez that is preserved in the Prado Museum and was created in 1629. 
Andrea Ravo Mattoni—Il Trionfo di Bacco (i Bevitori)

Hunted by Parees Fest Oviedo contextual mural festival. Pictures by Fer Alcalá.