Created on November 6, 2017
Hotterstraße 12, München, Deutschland


A stone’s throw from Marienplatz, the “Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA)” open its doors in a former substation on nearly 2,000 square meters. The façade of the MUCA was designed by the renowned street artist Stohead, thus becoming the art object itself. The museum visitor enters the building through a calligraphically designed “envelope”. The MUCA wants to create a connecting element between the interior and exterior space. This connection is important to us as it is intended to convey to the visitor that street art as an art form needs the public space as a discussion space. The interior space is a kind of protection and experimentation area.
The wallpainting in the cafe is created by Case Maclaim. 

Case Maclaim—MUCA
Hunted by Martin .
Pictures by Martin Arz.

Marker details

Camera usedOlympus E-M5
Marker typeartwork