Created on August 29, 2020
Adema Buća bb, Mostar 88000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Installation: Mural "Open Gallery" Over"

My research extends along one line that polarizes two directions: one is archaeological and concerns what once was and what is in discontinuity.  It calls me to touch it, communicate with it (old wall, stone, old iron) and offer a certain continuity to it, which allows for further life.  The second direction is futuristic and carries within itself an equally great potential of possibilities and vision.  My knowledge so far is that it whis is not about antagonistic opposites at all, but about complementarity and a peculiar kind of encouragement: following one direction or another, at a certain moment I begin to feel the line on which they are, as if it starts bending and tends to form a circle.  
That horizon for me is what I call above/over
The mural "Open Gallery Preko" is another in a series of my works, where the texture of the past and the past is embraced and caressed with a vision of the future and tension.
It is a special pleasure for me to share the mural Open Gallery "Preko" with my daughter Soraja Ćehić, who offered an interesting solution for one of the four existing "rooms" on the wall. Apart from the fact that she grew up next to my works, following my visions and horizons, she is very successful in the field of architecture, which certainly contributed, that our complex compositional solution corresponds to the architectural elements of the miraculous location.
Arleta Cehic, acad. prof. of Fine Arts
Arleta & Soraja Ćehić—Installation: Mural "Open Gallery" Over"

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