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UntitledCà Zemian. La chiesa nella nebbia. - Cà Zemian. The church in the fog. - 2017UntitledCUPRIC SULFATE & PENSTEMON BLACKBIRDUntitled - 2013Untitled - 2013Untitled - 2013Untitled - 2013Untitled - 2013Untitled - 2017Sulfur - 2017Face Bird Dragodrillo - 2017Untitled - 2013Car test - 2013Untitled - 2013Ad perpetuam  rei memoriam - 2017UntitledUntitledMAY 29thUntitled - 2017UntitledSTAGES OF LIFE - 2016LA CADUTA DEI GIGANTI - THE FALL OF THE GIANTS - 2017ASTRAZIONE REVERSIBILE - 2017Untitled - 2017Ofelia - 2017St. Luke tuning his own picture according to its diagonal size - 2017QUELLA CITTA' TROPPO STRETTA - THAT TOO NARROW CITY - 2017
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