Created on September 16, 2023
1 Little Charles St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia

You Talk We Die

This is an old piece of street art (painted in August 2017). It was originally painted in support of a “Safe Injecting Room” for drug addicts, but I think that the words apply to so many other issues our governments are dealing with (or abjectly failing to deal with) like the pandemic, caring for our aged, the war in Ukraine and climate change.

It is in Abbotsford in Melbourne and the artists are Ling and Mayonaize.

I really love this piece of art, it is pieces like this that feed my street art passion and satisfy me greatly. I am so glad that it has been shown respect and has not been tagged or painted over.
Ling, Mayonaize—You Talk We Die
Hunted by Andrew Haysom.

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