Created on March 31, 2014
Scali delle Ancore, Livorno, Province of Livorno, Italy

Pesce di Libertà


Libera Capezzone aka Libertà, Empoli, 1982.
Painter, influencer, muralist, expert in the history of Livorno, she painted the 27-meter sardine in April 2014.
The artwork on the roof of the pagoda market is the most famous mural in Tuscany. The big fish recalls the sea and the livelihood of the port city since its origins, moreover it has been seen by thousands of tourists, most cruisers that like ancient travelers have passed through Livorno,
-the port of Tuscany since 1500-
Under the fish the verse of the poet Viola Barbara
'Lische Squame Coda Amore Libertà': a synthesis of all the sections of the fish, the parts its body all the poetic passages of life;
the verse deliberately contains the name of the painter.
Sponsor: Materis Paints, Max Meyer, Settef

Libertà is co-founder of Uovo alla Pop gallery, her contribution to the project is based on a historiographical and cultural research of the territory that she's sharing with videos that have now become a viral phenomenon on the web through 'Guide alla Ventana' portal. 
She is an inventing tour guide and a sperimentale painter who has exhibited all over Italy; her most famous murals are in Rome (Villaggio globale), Sardinia (Tonara) Viareggio (Madonna della Street Art) Capraia (L'Isola Azzurra, landscape on painted tiles)

Libertà—Pesce di Libertà

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