Created on December 2, 2019
R. Prof. Francisco Gentil 2A, 1600-624 Lisboa, Portugal


Great collaboration between EdisOne and Oje in this beautiful wall located in the neighborhood of Telheiras where you can find a few walls from this Lisbon born artist. This is part of Edis One Extinction series where he fills really well his role of ambassador for the WWF- Portugal representing, in a sensitive and caring way, several animal species that we need to protect. Great message, fantastic wall. 

About Edis (in his own words: https://edis1.com/about/)
Edis One was born in Portugal, Lisbon, in 1990, he has always been connected to the Art world. The name Edis One came in 2007 as a simple tag. Since then the artist has used the pseudonym to spread his own brand and his work.
In partnership with the Municipal District of Lisbon and Gallery of Urban Art (GAU) in Lisbon, Edis One legalized six walls in Telheiras to practice graffiti (2011)
He is currently developing the Original Extinction Art Project, which aims to raise awareness of one of the greatest extinctions on our planet. In 2020 he became one of the ambassadors of ANP / WWF Portugal.

Edis1 Instagram : https://instagram.com/edis1official?igshid=szsxguj6tg5f
Oje Instagram: https://instagram.com/oje_artist?igshid=1j5beccm9139x

Street Art Tours: @street.buddha
Edis One, Oje—Whales-ExtinctionSeriesEdis One, Oje—Whales-ExtinctionSeriesEdis One, Oje—Whales-ExtinctionSeriesEdis One, Oje—Whales-ExtinctionSeries

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