Created on November 7, 2023
Av. de Berna 26C, 1050-099 Lisboa, Portugal

Salgueiro Maia

25 de Abril de 1974 - Revolução dos Cravos

The Revolution of April 25, 1974, which took place in Portugal, stemmed from the political and social movement that overthrew the dictatorial regime of the Estado Novo, which had been in place since 1933. This initiated a process that resulted in the establishment of a democratic regime.

On that day, soldiers placed red carnations in the barrels of their rifles and did not fire a single shot. The red carnations have become an image of peace.

Fifty years later, carnations continue to be the symbol of Freedom.

Moami31, Tamara Alves, Sara Fonseca da Graça, Mariana Malhão—Salgueiro Maia
Hunted by Stef.
Pictures by https://www.instagram.com/street_art_travels_/.

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