Created on August 23, 2023
Rue Charles Morren 13, 4000 Liège, Belgique

Chet Baker

It is impossible to miss the monumental fresco at the "Sainte-Marie" exit of the Brussels motorway, in tribute to Chet Baker, a famous jazz trumpeter.

This is the second intervention carried out during the tenth anniversary of Paliss'art.

One of the first frescoes "Paliss'art" was born in the Rue de Sluse. This hymn to jazz was made 10 years ago by the artist Jérémy Goffart and still proudly displays its colors. Many achievements later, Jérémy again offers, as a harmonious answer to the first fresco, all the technique and the talent of his art.

This second tribute to jazz and to Chet Baker in particular, an American virtuoso attached to Liège to be there at the end of his life, where he worked with many Belgian musicians, reminds us how much the love story between Liège and jazz does not date yesterday ...

Jérémy Goffart—Chet Baker
Hunted by Hawaux Roger.

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