Created on October 7, 2023
Klein-Rijselstraat 36, 3010 Leuven, België


Thanks to the support of the city of Leuven, the neighbourhood chose a work by the Spanish artist Victor Garcia Repo through 'Kom op voor je wijk'. He is known for the everyday objects he incorporates into his works. He was given carte blanche by the residents to make a design in the theme of diversity. The artist then collected shoes and garments from the local residents, which symbolize the diversity in the neighborhood, and used them as inspiration for his design.
Resident Björn Dierickx, who recently bought the house on the corner of Klein-Rijselstraat and Hertog Jan I-straat, made a wall available. "When I heard about this neighbourhood project, I was immediately enthusiastic," says Björn. "Until recently, it was a blind façade of red bricks. Today it is a colorful bombing that the whole neighborhood can enjoy."
"It really is a project of the entire neighborhood," says initiator An. "Our neighborhood is constantly thriving and developing with residents of all ages, backgrounds and interests. It's that harmonious mix that makes our neighborhood vibrant and special."

Victor García Repo—AlcayataVictor García Repo—Alcayata
Hunted by Tony Gielen.
Pictures by Tony Gielen.

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Artist nationalitySpain
PhotographerTony Gielen
Marker typeartwork