Created on September 29, 2023
Dirk Boutslaan 62, 3000 Leuven, België

Theme: Dieric Bouts

The city of Leuven is once again richer in a mural. On the façade of art academy SLAC in the Dirk Boutslaan you will now find a gigantic mural on a very appropriate theme: Dirk Bouts. 

Dieric Bouts or Dirk Bouts was a 15th-century painter from the Low Countries, who is counted among the Flemish Primitives. Together with Petrus Christus and Hugo van der Goes, he belongs to the generation of artists who built on the work of Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden. 

3D Mural with Augmented Reality in the context of Dieric Bouts festival. 

Check out the AR on this wall with the Leonkeer App.

Leon Keer—Theme: Dieric BoutsLeon Keer—Theme: Dieric Bouts