Created on August 5, 2019
II Armii Wojska Polskiego 8, Legnica, Polska


The mural depicts a medieval knight holding a shield with a Piast coat of arms. The following is a fragment of the Psalm written in Latin: "Exaltationes Dei in gutture eorum, et gladii ancipites in manibus eorum" (Let the glory of God be in their mouths, and the blades double-edged in their hands, Psalm 149: 6). As the originators explain: "these words are a living message for each of us so that we can become contemporary knights. In the Middle Ages spiritual support was important for the fighters, and that has not changed to this day. " The passage quoted in Latin from the Book of Psalms of the Old Testament is intended to encourage the residents of Legnica to read the entire work in Polish.
Dagmara Angier-Sroka, Bartłomiej Sroka—RycerzDagmara Angier-Sroka, Bartłomiej Sroka—Rycerz
Hunted by Teresa Radek.
Pictures by Teresa Radek; on instagram: @teresa_radek.

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