Created on August 24, 2021
Torenstraat 25, 8911 DG Leeuwarden, Nederland

Hou Alde hou!

This work stands about ten meters behind the Oldehove. The Oldehove is a leaning and unfinished church tower in the medieval centre of the Dutch city of Leeuwarden. It has become an iconic symbol for the city. Leeuwarden originated on mounds that were raised at an inlet of the Middlesea that silted up and was reclaimed in the 13th century. 

The following text comes from an old folk tale and served as the inspiration for this piece.

The pride of this beautiful city has come afloat on a patch of ground, and when it had reached the place where it now stands, a woman sat spinning on the spinning wheel and yelled out very loud: " Hou, âlde! hou! " Stop, old one! No further! The tower obeyed; it has always stood there and owes its name to this case."

It is a trompe-L'oeil painting of a sandsculpture wich referes to the former Middlesea. 
LJ van Tuinen—Hou Alde hou! LJ van Tuinen—Hou Alde hou! LJ van Tuinen—Hou Alde hou!
Hunted by Ayse GPL.

Marker details

Date created2021-08-24T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedSamsung SM-G930F
Marker typeartwork