Created on November 9, 2017
Emmertsgrundpassage 28, Heidelberg, Deutschland

Metropolink #8

german artist hendrik beikirch, also known by his alias “ecb”, creates eye-catching works of documentary and fictional portraiture that traverse the personal and the private. his distinctive monochromatic wall murals and interior works for galleries and museums confront viewers with richly storied subjects that fascinate through their sheer force of personality. at once anonymous, quotidian and enchanting in appearance – each of beikirch’s figures has a story to tell. more than mere subjects, we find in his works genuine characters, made all the more fascinating by their anonymity. the reduced color palette and striking contrasts that characterize beikirch’s portraiture underscore the vulnerability of his subjects, while the scale of these works invites viewers to consider the relationship between individual and society, viewer and subject, public and private.
Hendrik participated in 2015, first edition of Metropolink.
The portrait painted in Heidelberg shows a morrocan butcher. The production of this art-work was maximum complicated, therefore it makes us even prouder having it in our city!
Hendrik ECB Beikirch—Metropolink #8Hendrik ECB Beikirch—Metropolink #8Hendrik ECB Beikirch—Metropolink #8
Hunted by Willi Bender.
Pictures by Simon&Paul;.

Marker details

Camera usedNikon D800
Marker typeartwork