Sittarderweg 81, Heerlen, Nederland

B&B The Project

May we introduce you to Hennie and Marco? The couple bought a historical house at Sittarderweg 81 in Heerlen. The house has it's roots in Heerlen's coal mine history, but a lot of time, sweat and love, transformed it to it's current role. A beautiful B&B, managed by Hennie and Marco. The process took them 3 years, and the result is great! Two rooms with insane street art paintings made by locals James Jetlag and Lars Ickenroth. Both artists translated a piece of history of Heerlen with their own imagination. So visitors can actually sleep in an artwork, how about that?
To complete the B&B, the hallway has been decorated with two masterpieces from street artist Dazetwo. The exterior of the house shows the oldest street art painting in Heerlen, fully recovered in 2017 in the same way as the original ad from 1917. It's a must see! There is more to find in and around the B&B as the owners totally love street art, and they are far from done (their words!). Can you find the other artworks?
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Hunted by Sanne Gijsbers.

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