Laanderstraat 27, 6411 VA Heerlen, Nederland

Restaurant Graffiti

Restaurant Graffiti is located in the heart of Heerlen in Limburg; the city known for its murals. Culinary and artistic go hand in hand at Restaurant Graffiti. You can’t see that  in the artwork on the plate, but also in the artwork in and around the restaurant. The murals in our restaurant have been applied by Eelco van den Berg, Stohead, Collin van der Sluijs, Zedz, Rutger Termohlen, Super A and Hadassah Emmerich. On the outside facade of the restaurant you can admire a work by Claudio Ethos.
—Restaurant Graffiti—Restaurant Graffiti—Restaurant Graffiti—Restaurant Graffiti

Hunted by Sanne Gijsbers.