Created on July 2, 2023
Puerto Engabao Beach, Ecuador

Homage to Raudha Athif

Tribute to the medical student and part-time model from the Maldives Raudha Athif who was apparently murdered in Bangladesh for modeling, showing her beauty and not following the canons of the more conservative Islam.
The fishing community of Engabao is off the radar of tourism in Ecuador although it is a place known for surfing lovers. Now it also has a skatepark, surf school and many more murals. On this occasion I wanted to honor Athif but that house where a very noble old couple lived was also used as a meeting point and warehouse of the local fishing community and I wanted my mural to represent a virgin to take care of the fishermen and They saw her when they returned home, that's why I chose this particular image. El mayor fue que era mi primera fachada. On top of that, I had the bad luck that a little while ago I got sick and became very weak as a result of an allergy to seafood that I didn't know about. I tried several days to paint myself but I couldn't with the stairs, until a friendly local took me to a nearby health center and they treated me quickly with anti-allergic drugs. I felt very very grateful, they treated me like at home and I promised the local that he would paint something that he could feel proud of. I only had to paint in 2 days what I had planned to paint in 5 days. The people of the community were very happy with my mural.
This mural was published in Spanish in the world of TVE as well as in other diverse media in Ecuador. Thanks to Kuyuy creative communities and especially to my Ecuadorian painter friend Lasak for organizing this beautiful project.
Victor Landeta—Homage to Raudha AthifVictor Landeta—Homage to Raudha AthifVictor Landeta—Homage to Raudha Athif
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Pictures by Victor Landeta.

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